Townhouse interior design

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Townhouse interior design

A townhouse is an excellent compromise solution for those who do not like apartment buildings and, at the same time, are not very attracted to private cottages. Townhouses are several cottages united into one and resembling multi-level apartments. Actually, because of this, the design of the townhouse differs in a number of features that must be taken into account.

History says that the first such houses appeared in England two centuries ago. They had a separate entrance for each of the families who lived there. Later, the fashion for these structures swept like a fever all over Europe and every year there were more and more of them. Townhouses were built in incredible numbers, uniting into entire villages.

**Cost.** Often, the price for such houses is lower than for ordinary cottages. This is achieved due to the fact that the construction uses less land and takes less time to build. Maintaining a townhouse is also much easier than, for example, a cottage. **Area.** Of course, in comparison with an apartment building, there are more apartments in a townhouse. This makes it possible in design to make competent zoning of premises, making each of them functional. **Plot of land.** It is small, but still leaves room for creative ideas. In a city apartment, for example, there is no way to equip an alpine slide. **Environmental friendliness.** Usually, the villages where townhouses are built are located in green areas or close to forests. **Parking space.** Unfortunately, the lack of a place to park the car is often a serious problem for city apartments. The townhouse solves this problem - often townhouse design projects already include a garage. But if there is no garage, you can always park your car in front of the house. **Are there any downsides to townhouses?** These may be **neighbors** - you will have to cooperate with them in any case.

In the design of a townhouse project, you should definitely take into account the fact that this is a multi-level room. When organizing the interior, even at the planning stage, it is worth considering the fact that all the inhabitants of the townhouse are comfortable. Usually the ground floor is reserved for common areas - dining room, kitchen, hallway and living room. On the second floor, private rooms are usually located, such as offices, bedrooms, and nurseries. The attic can be used in different ways - either as storage space, or even for rooms - for example, if there are teenagers in the house who need personal space.

Of course, it is optimal if you purchase housing of this type while it is being built. Why is this needed? To make certain adjustments to its layout. Because after the house is commissioned, documents and numerous visits to the authorities will be needed to change anything. It is very good when the interior decoration of the house and the exterior design are made in the same style. An important point in interior design is the organization of space in order to hide wires and other engineering communications. And at the same time, you need to take into account all the technical details - for example, what will be the air circulation after that, etc. It is not necessary to "drive" the interior of the townhouse into the framework of one style. Due to the fact that the townhouse is multi-level, you have the opportunity to design it in different styles, experimenting with textures and materials to your heart's content. The main task of the designer, as a professional, is to prevent motley eclecticism and to make each floor harmonious with the previous one.


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