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A private house is a dream that many strive to achieve. Sometimes you really want to escape from the noisy city and find yourself in a comfortable, spacious and cozy place. The main task of the cottage owners is to think over the design of the house in such a way that the interior space is as ergonomic as possible and corresponds to the owners' ideas about functionality and aesthetics.

In order for the interior design of a private house to meet all the stated requirements, and the result to please the eye and warm the soul, it is necessary to be guided by the following criteria: **Purpose of the mansion.** The interior design of the cottage directly depends on the purpose of the residential building. It can be used as a holiday home or as a main home. In the first case, it is best to decorate the house in the style of practical, but cozy minimalism. The second requires a more detailed approach, taking into account many other features. **Area of ​​premises.** Some design styles can only be used in large, light and spacious rooms, while others, on the contrary, are used to visually expand the space.

**Lighting type.** Modern interior design is not complete without interior decoration with various types of lighting, creative, interesting lighting devices. The selection of those depends on the area and purpose of the room. **Taste wishes and preferences of the owner of the house.** This is one of the main criteria, as the tenants should feel comfortable in the house. For young, active people, you can use bold and non-standard solutions - avant-garde, modern, practical minimalism.

The interior design of a country house can be done in a wide variety of styles. Within the limits of each style, it is possible to play with color solutions, furniture arrangement. Classic interior design involves the use of natural materials - stone, wood, the predominance of calm tones. All decor elements complement each other perfectly, creating a practical, comfortable, sophisticated style. One of the popular areas of modern designers is high-tech style. Cold tones prevail, a minimal amount of furniture and decorative elements, as well as strict, clear lines. Provence is lightness, tenderness and classic rustic style. It is dominated by calm, gentle tones, there are window shutters, color prints, decorative elements in the form of openwork, forged details. Country style is an ideal option for decorating a country country house. Finishing and pieces of furniture made of natural wood, unobtrusive, cozy atmosphere, lots of light. There are many more different styles. The interior design of a private house is carried out in the style that is close to its owners.

The interior design of the mansion turns out to be stylish, practical and comfortable then, the interiors of all rooms, complementing each other, form one beautiful picture. The living room is most often a large, spacious room. It can be combined with a kitchen. You should not be afraid of experiments from the living room. Here you can use bright colors, prints, combine elements of several styles. The kitchen should be practical and functional. These are the main criteria. If you want bright elements, you can use saturated colors for the countertops and work surfaces of kitchen furniture, or make the ceiling and wall bright. Children's and playrooms are made using bright, saturated colors in accents. Images of cartoon characters are used as prints. The rooms where children play and live should be as bright as possible. Bedrooms and offices are most often decorated in a restrained style, without bright details. This is a relaxation area, or a place where you need to focus and immerse yourself in work. The design of a private house inside must be carefully thought out. Each room should be executed in the overall design concept of the whole house style. Only then will the interior design be able to meet all the expectations of the owners and give the joy of living in it.


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