Schneider Electric Competition: Trip to Spain for "Best Design Project"

Schneider Electric Competition: Trip to Spain for "Best Design Project"

Anna Razumova: “We learned about the competition almost three months before the deadline for submitting applications - and decided not to miss this opportunity, especially considering that our project fully met all the requirements, we just had to send the information. And in September we got a call - we were invited to the awards ceremony at the Kiev office of Schneider Electric.

We participated in the design project of the apartment in the classic style, in which we used electrical fittings from the Merten Antique series. "

Evgeny Razumov: “The main gift for the winners of the competition was a trip to Spain, to the company's plant in the city of Puelente la Rhine.

We were impressed by modern technologies for the assembly of fittings, everything is automated to the maximum, and the scale of the plant itself did not leave us indifferent either. And of course, it's nice that our project was not only appreciated and chosen as one of the best, but also gave us such impressions and experience. "

Schneider Electric is a global expert in energy management and industrial automation. The company's solutions help manage energy and processes in the safest, most reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly way. The company was born during the first industrial revolution and 180 years later continues to innovate at all levels.

Schneider Electric annually holds creative competitions for designers, the last one was held in 2018, its results were published in September.

The design project of the apartment in the classic style, which won the prize, is made in light and warm colors. Designers have successfully used decorative plaster, marble, plaster moldings with gold leaf, textile wallpaper and artistic parquet, traditional for the classics. Natural materials favorably emphasize the greatness of the reigning atmosphere, true authentic beauty.

The area of ​​the apartment is 55 m². The apartment has a kitchen-living room, a corridor, a bedroom, a bathroom and a dressing room.

The floor in the kitchen-living room is made of light (Bianco Perlino) and dark (Emperador Light) marble. The dining table, glossy surfaces in the kitchen and tables in the living room are also made of this noble stone. In order to create elegant patterns on the marble, laser cut was applied. The style and respectability of the apartment is largely achieved thanks to the use of this unique rock in the interior, which was first appreciated by the ancient Greeks.

Antique columns and stucco moldings, crystal and mirror facets give the apartments a special charm, solemnity, while not interfering with the comfort, which should reign at home.

Particular attention should be paid to the bedroom. In its center is a chic bed with an exquisite headboard up to the ceiling. It is made of plush panels with velor and mirrored facets. Such an amazing detail of the interior adds personality to the room.

Impeccable Axor sanitary ware is located in the bathroom, Italian furniture is in the living room, and the wardrobe for the bedroom and modules for the dressing room were made by the craftsmen of the "Grand Premier" company.


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